Reducing Carbon Emissions

SUREGROUNDTM Reversible Soil Enhancement installed by Soil Science is shown to reduce carbon emissions (CO2) by up to 67% when the standard surfacing option is compared with a traditional stone solution.
The Maintenance Free Surface Armouring solution offers carbon emissions reductions of up to 50% when analysed against a comparable traditional compound and haul road. 
Soil Science has undertaken a Lifecycle Assessment with the assistance of Carbon Footprint Ltd and has achieved a CO2e Assessed Service. This proves the reduction of carbon emissions by the system to an industry recognised methodology and Soil Science is able to quantify carbon reductions at ongoing or completed compound and haul road projects.

Haul Roads and Compounds can now be installed with a fraction of the carbon emissions and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) associated to traditional construction.

The Reversible nature of SUREGROUNDTM Soil Enhancement means that soil pH and nutrient can be restored to allow full regrowth of grasses upon completion of works. Healthy natural soils are a very effective carbon sink, working to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon within the atmosphere beyond the lifetime of the scheme.


Co2e Assessed - Carbon Reduced for Compound and Haul Road
Reversible Soil Enhancement with the SUREGROUNDTM Binder therefore has a number of benefits to the environment. It reduces the effect upon ozone depletion and improves air quality whilst assisting in reversing some of the impacts of climate change.

This carbon reduction is achieved through the use of in-situ soil material as a foundation layer, meaning that importation of stone is greatly reduced.

A reduced number of delivery vehicles therefore has the same effect in reducing carbon emissions in and surrounding the work area. Carbon emissions are reduced further by a reduction in the number of plant items and subsequent red diesel usage to meet the short programmes required by Soil Science to enhance soils with SUREGROUNDTM Binder.

When compared with Traditional Soil Stabilisation that utilises lime and cement, SUREGROUNDTM Reversible Soil Enhancement remains incredibly carbon reductive. Lime and cement stabilisation traditionally utilises ten times (or more!) product by weight to achieve the same strengths as SUREGROUNDTM Reversible Soil Enhancement.


Carbon Reduction for Compound and Haul Road
Carbon Reduction for Compound and Haul Road - Carbon Footprint Ltd Logo

Solutions that add further products in order to fully activate lime and cement stabilisation only mitigate the quantity of cement used – preventing the need to add extra cement beyond an initial design when a sites soil conditions do not match the GI. Whilst that may reduce carbon when compared with traditional stabilisation, it still requires lots of carbon rich products with a far increased addition rate compared with SUREGROUNDTM (only 2%).

This traditional stabilisation is also irreversible as the lime and cement harms soil pH and nutrient, this means that either additional carbon rich works are undertaken to replace the stabilisation or that the soil is left with the inability to act as a carbon sink.

Traditional solutions either through the use of stone, cement stabilisation, lime stabilisation or plastic matting and grid systems, lead to a lot of landfilling. Landfills further contribute to the release of carbon and greenhouse gas whilst being an ineffective use of soils, landfills cannot be used as an effective carbon sink.

SUREGROUNDTM Reversible Soil Enhancement by Soil Science is the most effective solution for carbon reduction when compared against traditional stone or lime and cement stabilisation designs. This is both in terms of the quantified carbon release during works and by maintaining the soils natural ability to store carbon emissions, thus soils are able to act as a carbon sink long into the future.

Traditional stone or lime and cement stabilisation methods are harmful to the environment, hard to manage on site, costly and frequently run over their lengthy programmes. Why wait for a sub-par solution when you can enhance your subbase in less than half the time?

Enquire about how much carbon you could reduce on your compound and haul road scheme using SUREGROUNDTM Reversible Soil Enhancement today…

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