Prior to construction, samples are taken of both virgin and enhanced soil. A UKAS laboratory assesses soil properties and undertakes testing to formulate the required composition of reagent.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


A meeting is arranged with the main contractor and/or the landowner/land agent to discuss and agree the exact seed or crop that is to be sown upon completion of works.


The surface stone is stripped and relocated. Often this is donated to the landowner or main contractor for reuse or recycled by traditional methods.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


The stabilised subbase is broken up using a tractor pulled subsoiler or an excavator with a ripper tooth.


The site-specific blend of reagent is mixed with subbase material using a Stehr dust free mixer. The addition rate of reagent is controlled through an on-board computer system.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


Topsoil preserved from the initial construction phase is spread evenly across the area of reinstatement.


A power harrow is employed to condition the topsoil to a healthy tilth ready for seeding.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


If seasonally opportune grasses are replanted or the area is handed back to the owner to plant crops at their convenience.

Landowner Comfort

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