Soil Stabilisation

Standard Surfacing Diagram

Standard Type 1 Stone Surfacing Design Build Up Diagram

350mm soil enhancement with SUREGROUND™ binder surfaced with 100-150mm unbound Type 1 stone. Suitable for short to medium length projects. Improve the environmental and commercial performance of haul roads and compounds.



Upon receiving an enquiry a site visit is requested to ascertain the viability of the SUREGROUND™ system.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


Once instructed by the main contractor Soil Science mobilise to site to undertake DCP testing (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) to establish the CBR strength at the formation of the stabilised layer.


Material samples are taken from site and sent to a laboratory to confirm soil properties and the mix design.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


Soil Science can mobilise to site within seven days of receiving an order, an on-site laboratory is set up.


Topsoil stripping is undertaken with the appropriate plant and carefully bunded/stockpiled for use in future decommissioning processes.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


Specialist dust free plant rotovates binders with in situ site won subsoil.


Correct moisture content is key to the enhancement process, water is added if necessary.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


The area is then trimmed before compaction.


The surfacing option selected at proposal stage is applied and compacted.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


Given optimum conditions 3,000m2 or 0.5km of haul road can be completed by each enhancement team per day.


A UKAS registered laboratory undertakes on site testing throughout this process.

Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land


UKAS Validation testing is undertaken after 48 hours of curing confirming strengths have been achieved and that trafficking can commence.

Surface Armouring

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